An elasticsearch indexing strategy. The design of these should be determined by how you plan to query the fields that use them.
catalog index
The elasticsearch index which holds metadata about the other elasticsearch indices, which in turn represent source trees. The metadata includes format version and other frozen-at-index-time information.
filtered term
A query term consisting of an explicit filter name and an argument, like regexp:hi|hello or callers:frob
format version
A string (though usually looking like an int) signifying the index format. It is used to control deployments: dxr deploy never switches to a new version of the web-serving code until all indices have been brought up to the format version it requires. The format version is declared in dxr/format.
The collected data used to answer queries about a tree and render the web-based UI. These are stored in elasticsearch and created by dxr index.
An elasticsearch schema, declaring the type and indexing strategy for each field
A piece of arbitrary data attached to either an elasticsearch line or file doc. These are searched for when doing structural queries. Think of these as shining nuggets of information buried in the haystack of a codebase.
A space-delimited part of a query
text term
A query term without an explicit filter name, interpreted as raw text for a substring search