1. Welcome To The DXR Community

Though DXR got its start at Mozilla, it’s seen contributions from a variety of companies and individuals around the world. We welcome contributions of code, bug reports, and helpful feedback.

1.1. Bug Reports

Did something explode? Not act as you expected? Let us know.

1.2. Submitting Patches

To contribute code, just file a pull request. Include tests to double your chances of getting it merged and qualify for a free Bundt cake. We love tests. Bundt cake isn’t bad, either.

1.3. IRC

We hang out in the #static channel of irc.mozilla.org. Poke your head in and say hello.

If you have questions, please address them to the public channel; don’t /msg someone in particular. That way, more people have a chance at answering your question, and more people can benefit from hearing the answers. We realize that no one likes looking naive, but please be brave and set an example to embolden the less-brave naive people. We’re a friendly bunch and will never deride anyone for being a beginner.

1.4. Open Bugs

Looking for something to hack on? Here are…

Before starting work on a bug, hop into the IRC channel and confirm it’s still relevant. We try to garden our bugs, but DXR often moves faster than we can weed.

1.5. Wiki

The wiki is full of roadmap documents, sketches toward future features, and bikeshedding sessions. Feel free to scribble on it.